Labor Day Message from Alan Robb, SAGCD President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As we approach another Labor Day, I would like to visit with you regarding a few matters that I firmly believe should be part of our DNA as proud, hard-working American union members.

We work hard at the bargaining table to fight for a fair days wage for a fair days work.  But that concept does not just apply to our collective bargaining negotiations and agreements.   Being Union is more than just good contracts.

We must carry our philosophy to our own house; our officers and support staff.  They too deserve fair treatment:  fair treatments in wages, and fringe benefits, and seniority in the case of our union officials.  In ever case possible, fringe benefits should be paid on behalf of officers and support staff.

Our union way of life extends not only to you, our members, the people we represent, but should extend to everyone we come into contact, including our workers, and where we shop.

This Labor Day, as our nation faces many challenges, we must accept responsibility to use our collective strength to make sure our Union DNA is put to proper use in facilitating a better America and a better standard of living for working men and women.

As we honor working America this year, thank you for all you do.


Alan A. Robb

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