The first part of the ILA Safety Video Series. We all are a family here. We want to go home the same way we came. We are the ILA Safety Committee. Together we can save lives!

The second part in the ILA Safety Video Series – Maintenance & Repair Around here safety is our number 1 priority. We are the ILA Safety Committee. Together we can save lives!

ILA USMX Joint Safety Committee Publications

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OSH Circulars



OSH-Circular-2021-01 (Safety Footwear Standards)

OSH-Circular-2021-02 (First Aid Lifesaving)



OSH Circular 2020-01 (Winter Weather)

OSH Circular 2020-02 (CHE Fires)

OSH Circular 2020-03 (Complacency)

OSH Circular 2020-04 (Jostling Accidents)

OSH Circular 2020-05 (Acknowledging Our Heroes)

OSH Circular 2020-06 (Heat Stress)

OSH Circular 2020-07 (Hurricane Season)

OSH Circular 2020-8 (Wear Your Mask)

OSH Circular 2020-9 (Distracted Driving)

OSH Circular 2020-10 (Tank Containers on Bomb Carts)

OSH-Circular-2020-11 (Safety of Yard Checkers)

OSH-Circular-2020-12 (Welding-Fumes)



OSH Circular 2019-01 (OSH Training)

OSH Circular 2019-10 (The E Stop)



OSH Circular 2018-01 (Stop Signs-Stop Bars) 011618

OSH Circular 2018-02 (Distracted Driving) 021418

OSH Circular 2018-03 (Overhead Hazards) 031518

OSH Circular 2018-04 (OSHA Complaints) 041618

OSH Circular 2018-05 (Backing Up Hazards) 052118

OSH Circular 2018-06 (Heat Stress 061518)

OSH Circular 2018-07 (Hurricane Season)

OSH Circular 2018-08 (OSHA Enforcement Activity)

OSH Circular 2018-09 (STF)

OSH Circular 2018-10 (Signaling)

OSH Circular 2018-11 (Emergency Services)

OSH Circular 2018-12 (Intermodal Twistlocks)

OSH Alerts



OSH-Alert-2021-01 (COVID-19 Variants)

OSH-Alert-2021-02 (CDC Mask Order)



OSH Alert 2020-01 (OSHA Interpretation – Headphones)

OSH Alert 2020-02 (OSHA Fines To Increase)

OSH Alert 2020-03 (Coronavirus)

OSH Alert 2020-04 (Coronavirus Update)

OSH Alert 2020-05 (More on the Novel Coronavirus)

OSH Alert 2020-06 (Social Distancing)

OSH Alert 2020-07 (CDC Interim Guidance)

OSH Alert 2020-08 (CDC Interim Guidance Analysis)

OSH Alert 2020-09 (Removing Gloves)

OSH Alert 2020-10 (Removing Masks)

OSH Alert 2020-11 (HazMat & OSHA-Required Training in the Age of Covid-19)

OSH Alert 2020-12 (Reopening Precautions)

OSH Alert 2020-13 (CDC Guidance in Reduction of Isolation Period)

OSH Alert 2020-14 (3M DBI-SALA Product Recall)

OSH Alert 2020-15 (New CDC Mask Webpage)

OSH Alert 2020-16 (CDC Transmission Webpage Update)

OSH Alert 2020-17 (Mast Connection Failures)

OSH-Alert-2020-18 (Biden Admin OSHA)



OSH Alert 2019-01 (OSHA Penalty Increase)

OSH Alert 2019-02 (Annual Posting of OSHA 300A)

OSH Alert 2019-03 (Electronic Reporting of I&I Data Deadline)

OSH Alert 2019-04 (OSHA RFI in re PITs)

OSH Alert 2019-05 (USCG Container Inspection Manual)

OSH Alert 2019-06 (USCG Final Rule in re Seafarer Access)

OSH Alert 2019-07 (3M Fall Harness D Ring Defect)

OSH Alert 2019-08 (Rim Wheel Inspection:Service)

OSH Alert 2019-09 (Hurricane Season Begins)

OSH Alert 2019-10 (3M F Self-retracting lifeline defect)

OSH Alert 2019-11 (USCG Marine Casuaty Forms)

OSH Alert 2019-12 (Taylor Guidance in re Wheel Rim Servicing)



OSH Alert 2018-01 (Annual Posting of OSHA 300A)

OSH Alert 2018-02 (OSHA Fines Increase in 2018)

OSH Alert 2018-03 (USCG Forms 835F&V)

OSH Alert 2018-04 (PIT Cert Reminder)

OSH Alert 2018-05 (Employer Retaliation Interpretation)

OSH Alert 2018-06 (OSHA Targeted Inspections)

OSH Alert 2018-07 (Flying Flippers)