ILA – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District President Alan A. Robb’s 2022 Independence Day Letter

Dear Friends:

Happy July 4th!  Last month we reflected on another day of independence, Juneteenth.  These celebrations of independence have special meaning in these trying times.  I have stated I am afraid for our democracy.  I worry so many Americans seem to ignore the danger confronting our great nation by those refusing to accept the results of our elections and their continued efforts to undermine the right to vote.  Here in Texas, the Texas Republican Party inserted into their platform a demand to rescind the 1964 Voting Rights Act.  The war in Ukraine has contributed to our inflationary woes and supply chain issues.  But most Americans currently blame President Biden for these problems, not the Russian dictator who invaded a sovereign nation.  It is our responsibility to defeat these anti-democratic forces.  We are blessed with magnificent collective bargaining agreements providing the best wages and benefits found anywhere.  We have the friendliest pro-worker/pro-union administration since President Franklin Roosevelt.  We must not allow the anti-worker/anti-democratic forces to prevail.  As we celebrate July 4th we must remind ourselves of our fragility.  Have a good time, enjoy your family, be safe, but know the freedom we enjoy and take for granite is not free.  Thank you for all your hard work!  God bless the United States.  We pray for our country, and those who serve it.  God bless you and your families.

Alan A. Robb

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