Letter from SAGCD President to Returning ILA Workers Regarding COVID-19 Case at Houston container terminals

To All ILA Workers,

We know there has been a lot of anxiety about returning to work at Bayport and Barbours Cut following the situation with the ILA worker who tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to assure you that we took every measure necessary to ensure the safety of resuming operations based on the investigation results conducted jointly with the Port of Houston. Protecting the health and well-being of our members remains our number one priority, and we want to share the information from the investigation with you for your awareness and peace of mind.

Attached you will find a full report of the discovery of the ILA worker’s diagnosis of COVID-19, the investigation that was conducted, the incident response and the resolution.

Safety always takes priority, and we would only allow our members to return to work if we were confident that we had done everything in our power to ensure their safety in doing so.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, it is possible that we will discover more confirmed cases of COVID-19 among other members of the ILA in the future. Whatever lies ahead, we are committed to responding quickly and decisively to protect our workforce and our ability to continue operations. I thank you for your continued patience and trust as we tackle this challenge one day at a time, and I promise to continue communicating openly and frequently with you every step of the way.


Alan A. Robb


Incident Report on ILA Worker Positive COVID-19

Incident Report on ILA Worker Positive COVID-19


Safety Data Sheet


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