ILA and Cooper/Ports America (CPA) Continue to Keep Cargo Moving at Houston City Docks

Another positive day for the ILA and Cooper/Ports America (C/PA)  at the Houston City Docks/Turning Basin.  The ILA provided 20 labor gangs to C/PA and their partner, Schroder Marine Services (SMS), in moving international cargo from vessels to facilities.  Yesterday, February 1, 2022 we had 12 vessels working at the Houston City Docks for C/PA.

Below is a list of vessels worked yesterday:

1 x Clipper #
2 x G2 Ocean
1 x Chipolbrok (SMS)
1 x Thorco (SMS)
1 x AAL (SMS)
1 x Ocean 7 Projects
1 x Y & D Marine (SMS)
1 x New Silk Road Shipping
1 x BBC
1 x BPI International (SMS)
1 x Tramp (SMS)

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