ILA District Opposes Mayor Turner

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2019

The International Longshoremen’s Association South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District is rescinding its prior support of Mayor Sylvester Turner. This action is taken as a result of Turner’s handling of Proposition B and the collective bargaining process.  District President Alan A. Robb said, “Mayor Turner has turned his back on Houston Firefighters, the labor movement, and Houston voters in his apparent refusal to bargain in good faith with the firefighters for a mutual resolution. The Mayor continues to fight the will of the voters and has shown a total lack of respect for the 298,000 Houstonians who sided with our firefighter brothers and sisters.  Currently and significantly, firefighters continue to express their frustration with the Turner administration.”

The Turner administration has displayed hostility to the collective bargaining process. “Mayor Turner’s administration is apparently seeking an erosion of public employee rights in pending litigation which has caused the ILA concern and is a factor in our opposition to Mayor Turner. As working men and women in this community we have a stake in any effort to suppress workers’ voices. We hope the mayor realizes the impact of his decisions regarding the firefighters has a domino effect that hurts all wage earners in this community.” Robb said.

The ILA represents over 65,000 longshore workers along the eastern and gulf coasts, including the Port of Houston.

Turner Press Release – March 19, 2019

Contact:  Eloy Cortez
Phone:  281-461-8888

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