ILA Members in NY/NJ To Distribute Water in Newark This Thursday and Friday…

ILA Members in New York and New Jersey To Distribute Water in Newark This Thursday and Friday; Led By ILA Newark’s Local 1233, Union and Employers Team Up To Get Water To Newark Community

NORTH BERGEN, NJ (August 27, 2019) – Union longshore workers from the International Longshoremen’s Association in the Port of New York and New Jersey will be distributing bottled water to communities at three Newark, New Jersey locations over two days this Thursday and Friday, August 29 and 30, 2019, from 9 am to 2 pm each day.  In addition, Harold J. Daggett, President, International Longshoremen’s Association, announced that the International is donating hundreds of cases of water directly to the City of Newark to assist them in getting safe water to all its citizens affected by this crisis.

The ILA is also calling on all locals throughout the Port of New York and New Jersey to help distribute donated water on Thursday and Friday.

For weeks now, citizens of Newark, New Jersey have been subjected to elevated levels of lead in their water and have been subjected to waiting on long lines in stifling heat to secure safe bottled water.  Long term solutions to resolve the lead problem have been proposed but the immediate need for safe drinking water remains paramount throughout the City of Newark, New Jersey.

The 800-member ILA Local 1233, headquartered in the heart of Newark, New Jersey, initiated the project to get much needed water to its Newark neighbors.  ILA Local 1233’s Officers and Executive Board secured a commitment from the Port Employers, including PNCT, Maher Terminals and APM to donate water to the citizens of Newark affected by the water crisis in the City.

At the direction of International President Daggett, all ILA locals in the Port of New York and New Jersey are encouraged to join this humanitarian effort.  The International sponsored the purchase of hundreds of cases of water to help the Newark community directly, and also to assist Newark’s efforts to bring relief to all those affected by this water crisis.  The International will be coordinating with its New York-New Jersey ILA locals to provide manpower to distribute water.

New York Shipping Association, Inc., which represents ILA employers in the Port of New York and New Jersey, is also assisting in this effort along with its member companies – PNCT, Maher Terminals and APM.

East Coast Warehouse and FAPs, Inc., also committed to donate water to aid the ILA effort.

“ILA Waterfront Workers Are Bringing Water to the Waterfront Community in Newark,” said W. Bernard Dudley, President, Local 1233.  “Newark, New Jersey isn’t just a port city where our ILA members work.  We are a part of this community and have always done whatever we can to help the citizens here, especially during a situation like this water crisis.  I cannot think of a better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend than for America’s union ILA members to help our City of Newark.”

Buddy Smith, Secretary-Treasurer of ILA Local 1233, and John Daggett, Business Agent/Sergeant-at-Arms for ILA Local 1804-1, as well as Administrator for the Port of Discovery for the Port of New York and New Jersey, are coordinating the effort on behalf of the ILA.

On Thursday, August 29, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., ILA members will be distributing bottled water at ILA Local 1233 Union Hall Headquarters, located at 19 Fenwick Street in Newark and also at ILA Local 1233 former Union Hall Headquarters at 731 South 10th Street in Newark, New Jersey.

On Friday, August 30, 2019, also from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., water will be distributed at Good Neighbor Church, 100 Chancellor Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.

“We hope to have full ILA involvement in the distribution of water to our Sisters and Brothers in Newark,” said John Daggett.  “ILA members have always answered the call – this is an urgent issue.  We’re calling on all locals to send volunteers to these three water distribution sites.”

In addition to recruiting ILA volunteers to distribute truckloads of water at the three ILA locations on Thursday and Friday, the ILA is working with Newark City Officials, donating 200 cases of water directly to them, and assisting with distribution at Newark’s designated water pick-up locations throughout the City.

“I am so proud of the officers and members of ILA Local 1233 for stepping up to assist their hometown City of Newark during this water crisis,” said International President Harold J. Daggett.  “This is a local with a long and proud history of community activism and promoting social justice.  Newark always can count on the ILA.

“Whether it’s their Thanksgiving Breakfast and Coat Drive or their annual Scholarship Awards Dinner, ILA Local 1233’s service to the Newark community is exemplary and deserving of our praise and gratitude,” President Daggett continued.  “I also want to thank my son, John Daggett, for his efforts securing the water donations from many sources and for assisting mightily in this important effort.  And, I want to thank John Nardi, President, New York Shipping Association and all our employers for their contributions of water.  Lastly, I  appreciate all ILA Locals throughout the Metropolitan region for their help relieving this crisis and support in getting much needed water to Newark residents.”

For information about ILA Local 1233 water distribution, contact Buddy Smith at 973-824-7323 (office), 201-259-8576 (mobile) or

For information about the ILA, contact Jim McNamara at 917-853-0440 or

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