ILA – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District President Alan A. Robb’s 2022 Memorial Day Message

Dear Friends:

This 2022 Memorial Day, as we recall those who fought for our democratic ideals and survival of freedom, we can’t help but look at the tragedy happening in Ukraine. Russia and it’s President are attempting to destroy a sovereign independent democratic country and the citizens that live there. President Daggett and the ILA were quick to react against the Russian tyranny by advocating a blockade on Russian cargo at our ports. While Putin may have been “rattling sabers” six-nine months ago, many thought it inconceivable that in 2022 one unprovoked country would invade another. But here we are. We are charged with recalling why war is bad and peace is good as part of our Memorial Day contemplation; why so many died so we could exercise our democratic freedoms. We are reminded we must be vigilant in maintaining our democracy. We have learned that even in our great country, we remain vulnerable to forces that are unwilling to accept the results of democracy. We cannot be complacent. We must continue every day fighting to assure our democracy survives. Later this year, the midterm elections put our democratic survival on the ballot. Is this country going to bow to those that want to undermine democracy or strengthen it? Memorial Day reminds us we cannot let those fallen heroes be forsaken. We continue to be at a critical juncture and our powerful voices of the ILA must lead in preventing the undemocratic forces at hand from taking hold.

As President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, I am honored and humbled to be with you as we continue our effort at being good citizens in the greatest country ever to exist. I salute you, brothers and sisters of the ILA, as we join together this Memorial Day 2022 honoring the past, but continuing to strive for a more hopeful, peaceful and safe time ahead.

May God Bless America and the ILA and all of those in need.

Alan A. Robb

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