ILA – South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District President Alan A. Robb’s 2021 Memorial Day Message

Dear Friends:

A lot has happened since Memorial Day 2020. Last year, as we commemorated the 75th anniversary of World War II victory in Europe, we were in the middle of attempting to understand the horrific nature of the ongoing pandemic. Now, with recovery at hand, we are provided with an opportunity to reflect on our history, as well as our future. We remember our family fighting the struggles of their day. We remember the more recent heroes of war, conflict and terrorism. We remember the victims of police violence and mass shootings. We remember those we lost this past year from the awful virus that shook us to our core. We shall not forget these brave men and women who sacrificed so much on our behalf. As we see the pandemic sunset approach and the dawn of our return to a more normal life, we also pause to acknowledge the heroes on the front-line who have been fighting the virus. We salute the medical teams, first-responders, and our front-line supply-chain workers­-including our own brotherhood and sisterhood of the ILA. We applaud the scientists who have hastened our return to normalcy by developing in lightning speed a vaccination to protect us and our families. We give our thanks, our prayers and praise for the scientific accomplishments.

As President of the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District, I am honored and humbled to be part of such a strong group of American workers who played such an important role in allowing our nation’s commerce to flow without interruption during the pandemic. I salute you, brothers and sisters of the ILA, pray for your safety, as we join together this Memorial Day 2021 honoring the past, but continuing to strive for a more hopeful, peaceful and safe time ahead.

May God Bless America and the ILA and all of those still hurting from the pandemic.

Alan A. Robb

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