South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District President Alan A. Robb’s 2022 Labor Day Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the ILA:

This Labor Day, I come before you humbled and honored by your confidence in me and our South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District team with our re-election about a month ago. I hope to continue striving forward with you. The one thing I have learned about the ILA is our resilience. Our spirit and work ethic has shined these past two years of craziness. We are entitled to commemorate this holiday honoring America’s labor force. We honor our ancestors on whose shoulders we stand. We honor our contracts and our International leadership that negotiated our supreme level of wages and benefits with the best healthcare in the country.  But most importantly, I honor you, the men and women of the ILA that have proven themselves to be the dynamic first responders demanded of us. I am honored by our diversity. Thank you for your service.

We look forward to continued service to world commerce and our impact on the “supply chain”. We have our utmost faith in President Daggett and Executive Vice President Dennis Daggett leading our negotiation team into the future. But our success also depends on the political climate in the United States. I have stated we have the most labor friendly, worker friendly Presidential administration since FDR and the “New Deal”. The Democratic Senate and House recently passed landmark legislation that really helps average Americans and supports good American jobs. But this November, further progress is in jeopardy. We have important races throughout the District. We must do everything we can to educate and get out our vote. The political pundits say 2022 will be a difficult political year for us. We must prove them wrong. We must remain vigilant and strong.  We must overcome Republican efforts to suppress our vote. Without being “over dramatic”, our democracy is at stake.

Labor Day 2022 reminds us to reflect on our success and our goals as working men and women of the ILA.  Let us honor ourselves this Labor Day. God bless America; God bless the ILA. Have a happy, safe Labor Day.

Alan A. Robb

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