Thanksgiving Message from SAGCD President Alan Robb

Dear Friends and Family,

Tomorrow we Americans celebrate another Thanksgiving. But, this year is unlike any we have ever known.

While many of us will be celebrating in a different manner, we must reflect on the purpose and spirit of this National holiday.

Sure, part of our historical celebration has been an opportunity to celebrate family and friendship along with an appreciation for those that came before us. This year, our reflections are more somber as we consider the  259,000 Covid deaths this year and counting as part of the 12.6 million persons who have suffered this sickness, including many within our ILA family.

We reflect on those, including our own, who have suffered as a result of storms and climate disasters.

We reflect on our colleagues who have suffered tragic fatal accidents and other injuries.

We reflect on the consequences of this pandemic on so many of our brothers and sisters, particularly those affected by the cruise industry and our neighbors who have suffered economic disaster resulting from the pandemic.

We reflect on our brilliant military and pause to remember those that have suffered the extreme sacrifice in serving our Country.

As we reflect, we also do honor.

We honor those we have lost to this illness; accidents; ravages of storms or service.

We also can be proud.

We can take pride in the role we, as front line essential workers, have played during this trying time.

We can take pride in our fight for racial justice.

We can take pride in our fight for political change.

We can take pride in our ability as an industry to be a voice for progressive causes.

And for these things we are thankful. We are thankful for a hopeful end to this pandemic crisis with effective vaccines.

We are thankful for a new government that will support the rights of working men and women and organized labor, not erode them.

We are thankful for an industry that has provided us with many blessings to enable us to support our loved ones.

We give thanks for our bounty as so many in our communities suffer.

We pray for our neighbors and those in pain.

May this Thanksgiving 2020 bring comfort and good health to you and your loved ones.


Alan A. Robb

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