ILA Longshore Workers and Waterfront Stakeholders are America’s Newest Heroes Keeping Critical Cargo Flowing and Our Nation’s Ports Open during the Coronavirus Crisis

NORTH BERGEN, NJ (March 19, 2020) – Longshore workers who are members of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) and the waterfront community are America’s newest heroes as they keep our nation’s docks open while delivering critical cargo during this unprecedented crisis, according to the leaders of the ILA and United States Maritime Alliance.

ILA members are part of a powerful waterfront team that includes carriers, vessel crews, terminal and port operators, front-line management; our railyards and rail staff; and port associations who are working together keeping our ports open and cargo moving.

“We honor and salute ILA members, who have become first-responders during this Coronavirus crisis and are critical to America’s supply chain bringing much-needed goods to the American public,” said Harold J. Daggett, ILA President, and David F. Adam, Chairman and CEO of USMX. “Coupled with all our port stakeholders, their mission and role are equal to those other first responders saving lives. They’re not getting the credit they deserve for their bravery and tenacity in showing up for work and keeping critical cargo flowing.”

From food items to paper goods, to medical supplies, ILA longshore workers form the first line of defense keeping our nation supplied and our economy healthy.

The ILA, which represents 65,000 longshore workers at ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coast from Maine to Texas, U.S. and Canadian Great Lakes region, Eastern Canada and Puerto Rico, are proving that they are essential for they work they do unloading many of the supplies that end up on the shelves of retailers across North America.

USMX represents employers on the East and Gulf Coast longshore industry.

“Everyone is conscious of the threat from the Coronavirus, but our waterfront team suits up and shows up for work and we’re grateful for them,” said the ILA and USMX leaders.

The ILA and USMX are carefully monitoring working conditions for longshoremen and all waterfront employers at all ports to make certain workers are safe and protected. The ILA and USMX leaders instructed Ron Signorino, who leads the joint ILA-USMX Safety Committee to work with Bob Fiore, the ILA Safety Director and Tom Sullivan, Director of Labor Relations, to keep close watch on the situation.

“The ILA-USMX Joint Safety Committee have done great work during these difficult and ever-changing times,” said Daggett and Adam. “The situation morphs literally each day presenting new challenges, but our safety team is the best in the business as they continue to lead us through this unprecedented crisis.”

The ILA and USMX are working closely with various Port Authorities to ensure port areas are taking every precaution to keep port complexes safe for all workers.

“United, we can get through this crisis,” said the ILA and USMX. “We’re indebted to ILA longshore workers, our carriers, terminal and port operators and our entire team for leading the way.”

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